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Armoured Transportation Services

Mobile Patrol Services

Our professional and reliable armed transport team can provide cash or other valuable goods transportation services. Our armed forces were equipped with the most advanced technology equipment to ensure that all customers’ valuable goods was escoted to the disination under the highest degree of security.

We have a strong mobile patrol team providing a 24-hour service. All cars are equipped with advanced communications equipment, such as radio. It is effectively to patrol the designated locations. Also, we will submit incident reports to customers regularly for reference and for internal auditing purposes. Patrol team possesses a high degree of vigilance and resilience to make appropriate actions during emergencies.

Alarm Response & Key Holding Services

Tele-protection Services

We has developed a strong mobile patrol team which ensures that we can provide timely support to our customers. All of our skilled response officers are trained to deal with dangerour situations that may occur when an alarm is activated.

The clients only provide us the designated telephone no. and the schedule of telprotection. Through touch-tone telephone, using the designated telephone no phoned to our 24-hour telprotection system. All omission cases should be processed by our control room staff. The monthly report will be submitted to the clients for the department or agency checking.

Vaulting Security Services

All customer's valuables will be delivered by our mobile patrol team. The valuables should be systematically identified and stored, so that customer's valuable will be comprehensively monitored and properly protected.