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Security Guarding Services

Uniformed Security Guard

Plain-clothes Security Guard

The deployed guards should wear a set of uniform during the duty time.

According to the clients' needs and requirements, the deployed should wear plain clothes to carry out security services during their duty time

Gurkha Guarding Services

Exhibition, Event and Hotel Security Management

Gurkha secrity guards have undergone various types of military and professional security skills training. There are well-disciplined and diligence to carry out different types of security and guarding services.

At the exhibition, event and hotel management, we provide a professional crowd control and venue security management services.

Dog Handling Services

Security Consultancy

Security guard with dog handling skills and trained dog will be provided to the clients. The services include dog trainings and dog handling skills

Under the requirements of clients, we will provide professional security consultancy service and submit a comprehensive report to the clients.

Armed Guarding Services

Customer Services Concierge

In respond to customer requirements, the company can provide qualified services of armed security guards.

In the sales office or exhibition space, wecan provide a premium customer services.