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Electronic Patrol System


CCTV System


Access Control System

In order to increase the degree of security, using advanced information technology as a patrol tools to substitute the old-styled patrol visit books.


All CCTV cameras can be centralized in the control room for efficiently monitoring and management. Also, the CCTV systems can be connected with digital recording system


It is easy to use access control system, so that the manpower and expenses will be saved. Also, it can intensify the crowd control and the right of access management.


Carpark Barrier System


Smokeclock System


Biometrics System

To control vehicle flows and its accessibility, it is fast reliable and flexible to use automatic entrance sytem.


When the alarm is triggered by the culprits, it generates and emits totally harmless and room-temperature dense white smoke into the area to be protected which reduces the visibility to less than 30cm (practically nil visibility). The density of the smoke (i.e. nil visibility) will be maintained until the keyholder of the system arrives.


Biometrics verification systems provides an excellent way for identification of person. It can be used for high security areas according to user requirements.


Burglar Alarm


LAN/WEB/PSTN/Internet/Wireless Remote AV Surveillance System


Burglar Alarm / Intrusion Alarm System protects property, personnel and assets through connection our 24-hour CAMS, we can provide assistance in an intruder system situation.


Remote monitoring product that allows customers to view and manage remote regions anywhere real-time situation. Images can be through ordinary telephone lines, internet or mobile telephone network transmission.