Date Organizer Award
28/2/2014 The Hong Kong Council of
Social Service
2013/14 “Caring Company” Logo
12/6/2014 The Hong Kong Security
Brave and Professional Award (Ms. Lau Sau Ping)
2014 City University of Hong Kong Appreciation of Industrial Attachment Scheme 2014
10/11/2014 Hong Kong Police Force New Territories South Region –
Best Security Services Awards 2013-14 –
Best Security Guard – Gold Award Winner (Ms. Lau Sau Ping) &
Best Security Award (3 Security Personnel)
01/12/2014 The Hong Kong General
Chamber of Small and
Medium Business
Partner Employer Award 2014-2015
2014 Hong Kong Police Force Hong Kong Island Region –
Best Security Services Awards 2013-2014 –
Best Security Guard Award (2 Security Personnel)

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